IDEAL Digital delivers strategic approaches to embedding online learning across an institution as well as providing practical guidance for tutors.

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Digital Competency for tutors – Framework.

A framework of competencies that guides organisations in developing strategies for embedding digital pedagogy and tutors the best practice for implementing blended and online learning in the classroom. It includes the effective use and exploitation of key enabling technologies.

The framework also implements inclusive blended learning, seeking to include all learner needs.

Digital Pedagogy – Toolkit.

This comprehensive toolkit provides educators and trainers with a set of resources which can inform and guide their use of digital pedagogy. The Toolkit brings together a compilation of proven and established examples of best practices contributed to by the partners of this pan-European project after research and exploratory exchanges of practice.

We have complemented that with an additional Digital Accessibility Toolkit. The toolkit complements the IDEAL Digital Competence Framework and provides some guidance on each section.

Digital Pedagogy Report.

Throughout the development of the IDEAL outputs, the higher education partners have explored the available research on Digital learning. In doing so they have established that Digital Learning requires its own pedagogy. This report provides a study on the use of contemporary digital technology in current teaching practice. Not simply applying the tools but doing so to the best effect.

Inclusion is a key theme explored in the report.

Becoming online ready – Roadmap.

This self-assessment tool enables an organisation to chart its readiness on the institutional journey to deliver the goal of adopting an inclusive digital learning strategy across the organisation. To become an institution with an Integrated Digital Approach to learning where inclusive learning opportunities are maximised by the way emerging technologies are exploited.