IDEAL Outputs

IDEAL Digital will deliver strategic approaches to embedding online learning across an institution as well as provide practical guidance for tutors.

Translated into International Sign (IS)

Digital Competency for tutors – Framework.

A framework of competencies that will guide organisations in developing strategies for embedding digital pedagogy and will guide tutors in the best practice for implementing blended and online learning in the classroom. It will include the effective use and exploitation of key enabling technologies.

The framework will also explore implementing inclusive blended learning for those with hearing impairment and other disabilities. 

Digital Pedagogy – Toolkit.

The project will identify resources and tools that can be shared more widely. The partnership will use its networks to identify current good practice examples, examining how strategies, policies, concepts, tools and resources can be applied more widely. 

Digital Toolkit

Digital Pedagogy Report.

Guidance will be developed on how to deliver engaging, inclusive learning in a blended and online setting. Methodologies to achieve such learning online will be explored through focus groups, consultation and testing. From this, guidance will be produced for tutors for use in lesson planning, resource allocation and delivery.

Inclusiveness will be a key theme explored in the report.


Becoming online ready – Roadmap.

Advice and implementation methods for a key enabling infrastructure for becoming an online-ready institution. Including ensuring back-end cloud infrastructure is available or being used optimally, key software packages required, using them in a blended context and contingency.