About The Project


In the context of COVID-19, this project was founded on searching, evaluating and disseminating international best practices. We are promoting new online/blended learning approaches capable of delivering high academic/technical qualifications, and high-level and graduate degrees. The project focused mainly on higher education, but as there is a similar problem affecting all educational sectors, IDEAL helps inform a broader professional learning context.


Key areas addressed:

1. Capacity building of tutors and institutions

2. Effective use of technology

3. Inclusiveness in the virtual classroom

4. Accessibility, such as those with physical or hearing impairments

5. Pedagogy and delivery

6. Creation of modern learning materials

The ambition of the project required our partner institutions to take a longer-term view of sustainable digital solutions, whilst acknowledging the imperative of a quick response that had to be taken in the light of Covid-19.

The project was driven by Higher Education but will work in collaboration with TVET. As the challenge is shared, this provided an opportunity for collaboration and partnership working, which will in the longer term, benefit learners. This project also underlines inclusion in the design and delivery of learning approaches.

The project has now delivered strategic approaches to embedding online learning across an institution as well as practical guidance for tutors and teachers. 

Get in touch with the project lead to discuss applications for your buisiness/ institution