F. Professional Development

Professional Development (F)

IO2: Digital Competency Framework

This section concerns personal professional development and contributing to the development of colleagues.

F1. Use digital media and resources for own and others’ professional development.
  • Using digital resources to update, extend or research subject or professional knowledge

  • Setting parameters for, conducting and refining searches

  • Evaluating information obtained from diverse sources for its reliability and usefulness (information literacy)

  • Using digital means to form professional communities and communicate with and learn from others.

F2. Improve and extend digital proficiency
  • Keeping up with changes to digital platforms, applications and hardware, both for teaching and learning and where relevant in relation to relevant subject or industry applications

  • Identifying and making use of opportunities to extend digital knowledge and proficiency, for instance to overcome gaps in knowledge, explore new software and hardware, test the suitability of devices, or explore new applications of existing resources

  • Extending knowledge in areas related to the use of digital resources, for instance data protection, copyright and licensing, patents, cybersecurity and digital harm

  • Extending knowledge of principles and measures for improving accessibility and inclusion.

F3. Improve practice in digital teaching and facilitation.
  • Keeping up with developments in digital teaching and learning as appropriate to subject or professional field

  • Sharing practice and learning from other educators and technical, pedagogical or information specialists

  • Trialing and introducing new methods of teaching and supporting learning

  • Responding to new opportunities and developments in a way that improves digital learning, access and opportunities for learners.